Long form, short form, blogs, sales enablement, content strategy

and, of course, creative! I’m here to help. 

What I Do


I work with verbal or written briefs & research your topic, or add polish to your notes with an edit. I help with style and tone to bring out personality, start a following and give you or key people a platform to build trust.

long form

Generally word counts of 1,000-7,500, long form provides valuable deep dives into often complex subjects. Case studies, articles, white papers, books, ebooks, they add value and context and build your reputation as a quality source. I’ll research and manage what you need end to end.

Short form

Generally under a 1,00 words, short form is fast, useful information that grabs attention. I break down complexity to essence and help bring clarity. Short form can be as simple as a definition or it might be an enticing quote that leads a reader to delve deeper into longer form.

Sales enablement

From value propositions to objection handling, your sales teams need the knowledge to help make the sale. I can create complete enablement material including value props, battlecards, case studies, use cases, competitor analysis and more.  Ensuring that sales and marketing align to present the same clear message.

CONTENT Strategy

You’re not alone if you don’t have a fully formed content plan and strategy! But by not having one you could be missing opportunities to get momentum behind your brand or be left scrabbling to support marketing goals.


Being creative is a big part of who I am and is a part of each and every job. It also means being able to understand concepts and come up with fresh ways of communicating and presenting them.

I’m ready when you are! Your beautiful content is right around the corner.

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