Expert B2B copywriting

People love to read, to find out about things they’re interested in and learn what’s in it for them. Now more than ever, words have the power to persuade and pull. Good content is key to successfully communicating and holding your B2B audience. Being direct, concise and clear gets your message across quickly. Expert B2B copywriting and content instills action and builds trust.

style, tone & personality

The way you talk to your customers is part of your brand. Formal or informal, friendly or authoritative, are you consistent or confusing?  More.

message development

Determine your overall messages and how you are going to communicate in interesting and convincing ways. More.

media releases

Direct and clear, media releases harness the power of the media. Keep messages simple with examples and interesting quotes that get used. More.

marketing material

Product and corporate brochures, flyers and adverts that compellingly communicate your key differentiators, benefits and features. More.

web content

Sharp web content gets your message over quickly. Key words are important, as long as they aren’t stuffed nonsensically, people aren’t web crawler software. More.


electronic Direct Mail needs to be succinct and focused – there’s limited time to communicate important information. More.

case studies/white papers

Sound research and the ability to grasp concepts + interview at senior level means we develop material that subtly confirms and reinforces key messages. More.

blog writing & editing

Editing and fine tuning can help bring a blog alive and help start a following. Best written in-house as they give staff the opportunity to become known and build trust. More.


A review and edit can take your document from dull to delectable, boring and verbose suddenly got interesting and compelling. More.

Thought Leadership publications

Books written, co-ordinated, managed and edited. Written to brief to let your market know what you know. More.
Carrie has been working with ARANZ Geo since 201, (now Seequent). We develop and market 3D geological modelling software for the global mining, geothermal energy and groundwater contamination industries. Our product is complex and often technical. Carrie excels at ‘translating’ this technical content provided by our software developers into business benefits for our target market of managers. 
We primarily use Carrie as an expert copywriter. She has written countless press releases, eDMs, website pages, and brochures for us. Carrie always sets out to understand the strategy behind the content and uses this information to ensure it is compelling, effective, and hits the brief.  
As well as copywriting Carrie has undertaken a variety of projects such as the facilitation of a thought leadership book written by our key accounts. Regardless of the task, Carrie is always diligent and delivers on time. Carrie has a fantastic sense of humor and gets along with everyone easily,  making it a pleasure to work with her.  We always look forward to the days she pops into the office! 
Toni Stenhouse

Marketing Manager, Seequent

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