Getting started in the UK

Custom Content helps NZ businesses entering the UK achieve their goals via marketing planning and marketing collateral. Founder Carrie Beckwith offers a unique perspective as she has lived and worked in both markets.

Standing out in a crowded market

Entering a large market like the UK can be daunting with the shared language masking many differences. The population is nearly 15 times greater than NZ, with London alone having a population twice the size. Regions have distinct personalities and cultural differences, accentuated far more than our north south divide. There also isn’t so much market freedom and laissez faire, the UK is far more regulated, fragmented and multifaceted, with long standing, tightly contracted business relationships. Competition is fiercer and you need to do much more to stand out in a crowded market. Local suppliers are also unlikely to have empathy for where you’re coming from and expect you to hit the ground running. Are they able to help you define and promote the unique NZ factors that contribute to what you’re offering?

Marketing planning resource

I offer a dedicated UK based marketing planning resource you can rely on.  Services include:

SWOT analysis

Through desk research and meetings with you, either online or in person, I’ll develop a SWOT analysis that identifies your strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats of your chosen market.

Marketing strategy

Working with you to help position your business, we’ll clearly identify your target market and develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Marketing plan

Identifying the mix and tactics to help you achieve your marketing strategy, including a calendar of marketing activity for a 12 month period.

Content and copywriting resource 

I offer a dedicated UK based content and copywriting resource to help build your UK presence. I take time to understand your business and its unique personality and style and reflect this in my writing. Content is developed that’s true to your business identity and in line with your tone of voice, ensuring published material is on-brand, consistent and recognised as yours. Services include:

Style, tone and personality

The way you communicate in writing is part of your brand. Your writing style can be formal, or informal, friendly or authoritative, sometimes it can be quirky and fun. But are you consistent or are you confusing? Perhaps you’re unsure of your style or need to change it to achieve business goals? I can help get your writing style and the way you communicate on track.

Message development

Do you have a difficult concept to get over? Is your product complex and rapidly evolving? I’m experienced at working in fast moving markets, particularly software, and can be responsive to your changing needs.


Media releases

Direct and clear media releases that harness the power of the media with simple, clear messages, great examples, interesting quotes and powerful titles and hooks.

Marketing material

Product and corporate brochures, flyers and adverts that compellingly communicate your key differentiators, benefits and features.

Web content

Sharp web content that gets your message over quickly and concisely yet engages and improves your reader’s experience.


Succinct and engaging Electronic Direct Mail that communicates key information in limited space and time.


Case studies & white papers

Soundly researched case studies and white papers that inform while subtly confirming and reinforcing your key messages and differentiators.

Blog writing and editing

Blogs researched and written on your chosen topic or editing and polishing of your team’s notes.


Thought Leadership publications

Book editing and writing that helps your targets appreciate and value your expertise and leadership in areas impacting on your market.

Interested in finding out more? It would be great to hear from you.