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“Carrie has been working with ARANZ Geo (now Seequent) since 2011. We develop and market 3D geological modelling software for the global mining, geothermal energy and groundwater contamination industries. Our product is complex and often technical. Carrie excels at ‘translating’ this technical content provided by our software developers into business benefits for our target market of managers.

We primarily use Carrie as an expert copywriter. She has written countless press releases, eDMs, website pages, and brochures for us. Carrie always sets out to understand the strategy behind the content and uses this information to ensure it is compelling, effective, and hits the brief.

As well as copywriting Carrie has undertaken a variety of projects such as the facilitation of a thought leadership book written by our key accounts. Regardless of the task, Carrie is always diligent and delivers on time. Carrie has a fantastic sense of humor and gets along with everyone easily, making it a pleasure to work with her. We always look forward to the days she pops into the office!”

Toni Stenhouse

Marketing Manager, Seequent

“Carrie is a very talented marketing copywriter who really takes the time to understand what we and our target market need. She supports her writing with extensive research, in fact, she’s very thorough. She’s always on time and responds very quickly, making it very easy for us to finish our projects. As a software developer our market is very fast paced and our products are constantly evolving, so we need someone who can react quickly and easily handles change in direction, and Carrie more than just delivers on both. She’s very co-operative, professional and enthusiastic and I’d highly recommend her.”
Elisabeth Johnston

Former Marketing Manager, ARANZ Geo

Carrie impressed me with her ability to quickly understand our business marketing communications objectives, technology and industry. She goes the extra mile to understand her clients. At short notice Carrie took on a project to rewrite the entire content of our website. The process was painless and Carrie was a pleasure to work with. Everything was delivered on-time and exactly as we expected. I can’t wait to work with Carrie on another project in the future.
Nathan Moher

Former Digital Marketing Manager, ARANZ Geo

“Carrie’s expertise in marketing took our training consultancy business to a new level, lifting it from good to great. She’s exactly what you’d want in a marketing expert for your organisation; innovative, persuasive and persistent. Carrie is also extremely easy to work with, and I can’t recommend her strongly enough.”
Dr Derek Roger

Director, The Work Skills Centre

I have worked with Carrie on a couple of marketing projects, and she proved to be very prompt to meet deadlines, technically savvy in a relatively niche market, and thorough in product and communication, a great collaboration experience! I have already personally recommended her to colleagues seeking a marketing copywriter, and would gladly do so again.
P J Hollenbeck

Owner , Blue Goo Enterprises

“From the beginning of our association, Carrie showed a thorough understanding of our goals and values, and through extensive research helped define our service appeal as well as growth strategies.

Thanks to Carrie’s vision, we are very excited to have a new, identifiable branding, which she will now take into the next stage of the marketing plan. We look forward to the continued partnership, confident that Carrie’s expertise and dedication will help build and sustain our markets.”

Gwen Roger

Director, The Work Skills Centre

From the first point of contact Carrie has taken the time to really understand our business and who our target market should be. Together we have worked through ideas, identifying the clients we are trying to reach and the most effective way of reaching them. We have focused on online marketing rather than print media which has been very successful.

I have found Carrie great at listening to my ideas along the way and together have arrived at our marketing plan. I would recommend Carrie to anyone who is needing assistance in raising their business profile especially business owners who have limited to no experience in marketing.

Andrea Robertson

Director, Andrea Robertson Design

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