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Complex material, stakeholder diversity, all in a days work! 

Please take a look at some of my Content Work Samples shown here. This is to give a feel for the complexity of material I work on, the diversity of stakeholders and the challenges overcome. If you’d like to see something specific please ask.

1. CONTENT SAMPLE - Sales Enablement

My client, a high growth tech company, had acquired another tech business and they needed their global sales team up to speed fast with the new complementary product! With the very real driver that every day missed was a missed sales opportunity I was tasked with producing entire sales enablement material in 4 weeks.
How to get things moving, fast!
After a verbal brief and initial online research, I interviewed the business founder and directors to establish key information. I then moved on to prepare the content, working with a team of senior contributors to complete each stage. Aside from the speed with which this had to be completed, the challenge was to work effectively with very busy individuals who were all working in different time zones and to quickly gain their feedback and consensus to move the project on.
Key deliverables
  • Value Proposition, Elevator pitch, Key messaging
  • Battlecard preparation including positioning, feature overview, use cases, qualifying questions, pain points, customer profiles and targeting, customer personas, competitor analysis, overcoming strategies, objection handling, pricing, FAQs
  • Three end user case studies, showcasing key features
  • Three Blogs, including thought leadership and technical how-tos.
  • PowerPoint Presentation outline
How did it go?

The material was praised by directors and the business founder for its quality, breadth and depth. The business owner even said he’d wished he’d done something similar when he started the business. Due to confidentiality I’m unable to share key pieces but here’s some blogs that are in the public domain.

It has been a pleasure having Carrie on the project team where she played an instrumental role in gathering key information from external parties, managed the process from end to end and created some fantastic quality content as the output. It allowed me to focus my time on other things knowing that Carrie had her deliverables under control.

Vanessa Patane, Civil Segment Marketing Manager, Seequent, August 4, 2021

Due to the confidential nature of internal sales material I’m unable to share this material. However, the blogs above are in the public domain and were part of the overall strategy to demonstrate wins the software could help users achieve and how it was ready to use alongside existing software.

Click the image to read the blog about how Mundoro, a Canadian listed royalty generator and exploration company, uses the Seequent ecosystem to easily access data, collaborate and validate using high-quality geoscientific images.

Click the image to read the blog about how advances in the capture and quality of images, together with cloud computing, is leading to combining drilling core and chip images with ML to help geologists make faster, more accurate decisions.



I’ve worked with high growth tech company Seequent since their early days in 2010, they’re a global force to be reckoned with and are now part of Bentley Systems, the infrastructure engineering software company. I’ve produced Seequent’s content for their bi-annual software release for their entire portfolio. This has meant working across a plethora of industries and products, from desktop to cloud, in mining, civil, energy and environmental sectors.

How to get things moving fast!

My role is to work with marketing and product development to produce content that helps to effectively promote key features and the benefits to the customer and end user. It’s all about consistency, getting feedback as quickly as possible, being flexible with delivery, and getting underway quickly. Working across several different products concurrently is complex and requires focus. As features are literally being finalised whilst content is being created there’s a need for real flexibility right up until release date. 

Key deliverables
  • Establish golden thread and key messaging
  • Trouble shoot to understand key features and the benefits to end users/customers
  • Write content and handle feedback and revisions for:
    • External release notes
    • Web content on multiple sites
    • Email content to different target groups
  • Research and devise case studies and blogs to showcase key features
  • Write media releases
How did it go?

Click the link to read how writing about the backstory of software development helps communicate not only the investment made but also the excitement over the performance leaps coming.

Click the link to read how technical blogs can be used to break down complex features into practical how tos. With the underlying objective of making sure important new features are utilised and valued, effectively keeping the customer sold.

Click the image to read a blog about moving to new software architecture. It was essential to communicate this massive investment so that customers understood the commitment to ongoing development.


Unleash & Engage is a niche business transformation consultancy who, although global and highly successful, don’t like to blow their own trumpet. Entering an award, against such giants as KPMG and Deloitte was a big deal. And they wanted to win. Their service offering is incredibly complex and simple all in one! But at its core is trust, people and a belief in doing the right thing. You can hear more about their  Sustainable Operations Excellence (SOE®) here.  

How to get things moving, fast!

I worked with the directors, specifically Greig Walker, to help define and tell the story of their incredible work with multinational Tata Steel. This also involved my talking to key, very busy people at Tata. The story that unfolded was incredible!

Key deliverables

  • The award entry, with very specific layout and word limited components
  • Writing the entry promo shown here
  • Gathering useful supporting information, imagery, drawings, key quotes
  • Working close to deadline to get material sign off
  • Devising email, web and social media (LinkedIn, Twitter) to build excitement and announce their success when they inevitably won!

How did it go?

Carrie worked collaboratively with us to create content against tight timescales. Having business acumen and the ability to understand technical detail meant she could contextualise what she was writing about. Carrie isn’t afraid to get stuck in, learn about new subjects and then write about them. She was completely committed right up to the deadline. Thanks for your help and hard work!

Zebby Clemons, Head of Business Operations, Unleash & Engage

Can I say – thank you for helping us tell our story so beautifully in our recent awards submission.  I’m sure our win was massively helped by the eloquence that you were able to bring, as well as helping us find our voice. I really appreciate the patience you showed during the process earlier this year and am very happy that our efforts have been recognised, as we had originally intended!

Greig Walker, Managing Director, Unleash & Engage

Case studies are marketing gold, your customer is effectively selling your product for you! They’re also where we all go if we want to know whether or not we want to do business with an organisation, so they are essential collateral. And once you have them you can do so much with them! Pull out quotes for your site or for Social media, break large case studies down into blogs, do follow up case studies, the list goes on. I’ve produced multiple case studies. There’s lots of different ways to approach them, situation, resolution, outcome or more conversational and magazine like.
How to get things moving, fast!

When a customer agrees to a case study it’s important to move quickly and flexibly being polite but persistent to keep the case study moving forward. I typically handle the project from start to finish, interviewing at senior and technical level and managing edits and sign off. It’s all about probing and asking the right questions, often asking the same question in different ways can really get under the skin of what’s happening. This is also when you get the standout quotes.

Key deliverables
  • Managing the project from start to finish
  • Interviewing at senior and technical level
  • Uncovering angles and story hook
  • Writing compelling content that highlights wins
  • Handling approvals, edits and sign offs
  • Working with the designer to ensure readability, quality and a compelling layout.
How did it go?

Carrie works seamlessly as an extension of our business to not only deliver on projects but help shape them and add real value. Carrie conducts herself in an extremely professional manner with both internal stakeholders and customers. She has taken the time to understand our businesses markets and customers which makes her a real asset to the team

Samuel Chappell, Customer Marketing Manager, Seequent


Click the image to read how the Asanko Gold Mine has improved collaboration between operational teams and stakeholders globally, for real time decision making.

Click the image to read how Eldorado Gold  share modelling globally. When senior geologists visit remote mines they’re fully conversant with progress and there are no unpleasant surprises. 

Click the image to read how AngloGold Ashanti is improving safety by predicting and controlling the mechanical performance of the host rock mass.


I’ve been fortunate to have worked in the psychology market for several years. As a marketer it is extremely interesting to be on the inside of how people think. I’ve worked with Guru Dr Derek Roger, establisher of the Challenge of Change, for over ten years. The Challenge of Change is a very unique and powerful resilience programme. I’ve never forgotten its simple life changing principles and that resilience can be learnt. I’ve consequently worked with the amazing Prof Jo Clarke, Managing Director of Petros, who delivers the CoC and other psychology related services in the UK. Jo is an incredible force of nature who takes people with her at speed. I’m currently helping with the marketing of her latest service, The Assessment of Dynamic Adaptation, a new psychometric test that will underpin all Petros services.
Key deliverables
  • Key messaging
  • Social media profile lifting (videos, content shares)
  • A delivery and content plan
  • Soft launch and full launch coming up!
How did it go?

I’m excited to be onboard for this project which has the potential to help us all with mind health. I’ll update as progress continues.


I’m a creative writer and love the challenge of Flash Fiction which is a very short story of 1,000 words or less. All the ones I’m featuring here are 300, 250 or 100 words. Aside from being great fun, it’s helped me hone my writing and make every word count, get to the point and of course, entertain. I believe there is a place for flash in business and would love to create some exclusive flash pieces for clients. 

I’ve showcased my stories with Shorthand – the digital storytelling platform. The design is fully responsive, you create content once and then you can read it on desktop, mobile and tablet. No coding required. It’s a fabulous tool and I can see how it will help my clients create more engaging content. Plus you can publish immersive stories in minutes!

I hope you are enjoy them! Here’s the Shorthand link:

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