customer feedback


Do you know what your customers really think about you? Do you consult them regularly? Are you sure they are happy with the service you provide? Keeping your customer happy is vital to the success of your business, are you focused on them and what they need? How often do you get customer feedback?

You may think you know what customer feedback your customers will provide but you could be in for some surprises. I find that customers are often more comfortable opening up to me, as an outsider. An interview with a key customer offers many benefits.

  • Insight – you get some great insight into how they really see you. People like to be consulted and like to give their opinion, they like to open up about how things are going. Talking to me rather than you can make them more honest and revealing with their customer feedback.
  • New ideas – I’ve found in the past that talking to key customers about your business can provide a wealth of new ideas for products and services and ways to improve your performance.
  • Business – I’ve interviewed hundreds of customers for clients and 50% talk about new business opportunities when they are providing customer feedback. They’ve been meaning to get in touch and my phone call reminds them.
  • Testimonials – At the close of each conversation I have with your customer I always ask if I can use what they’ve said in a testimonial. I always follow up immediately after the customer feedback interview with an email that details this testimonial for them to edit, approve and sign off. This rewarding and positive customer feedback is one of your most valuable forms of marketing but you often don’t have the time to gather it. I haven’t had anyone turn me down yet and you can quickly post this positive customer feedback on your website for others to see and be impressed with. I’ve actually used the approach of interviewing clients for feedback just to get testimonials.


I’ll carry out phone or Skype customer feedback interviews with six of your key customers. Prior to the conversations I’ll suggest some customer feedback questions and you’re free to add your own questions if you want something specific. I’ll provide a summary transcript of the customer feedback, mainly in bullets, so you can quickly see their responses.  If you would like testimonials produced, I will follow up after each interview and obtain your customer’s sign off. At this point I can also agree if you can display their logo.

Customer feedback interviews are one of the most valuable ways of getting a quick feel on how you are performing, a taste of what your customers really want and how they really see you.

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