B2B marketing matters

If you’re busy running your business, you don’t always have time to think about marketing to your B2B client. It’s a specialist area and there’s lots to consider. You can also easily spend a lot of money and find it difficult to measure any return. I’ve worked in B2B marketing all my career and can help guide you in the right direction through my targeted marketing services. B2B marketing matters include taking a snapshot of where you are, thoroughly reviewing your strengths and weaknesses, strategy development and planning and talking to your customers to find out what they really think of you. I can help you identify what marketing matters and help you get ahead.

marketing snapshot

• What marketing have you done? How successful was it?

• Who is your target audience? Are you reaching them with your marketing?

• What key messages do you use? Are these right?


SWOT Analysis

• What are your businesses strengths and weaknesses?

• What are the opportunities and threats in your market?

• What can you do to take advantage of and counter these?


strategy & planning

Follows on from the Snapshot & SWOT and includes defining your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and devising a marketing calendar of activity to maintain a sustained marketing strategy.



Getting your customers talking

Do you really know what your customer thinks?  You could be in for some surprises. Feedback can help create new products & services, improve your performance and provide rewarding and marketable feedback.


“Carrie’s expertise in marketing took our training consultancy business to a new level, lifting it from good to great. She’s exactly what you’d want in a marketing expert for your organisation; innovative, persuasive and persistent. Carrie is also extremely easy to work with, and I can’t recommend her strongly enough.”
Dr. Derek Roger

Director, The Work Skills Centre Limited

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