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B2B Marketing Content Writer

I’m Carrie beckwith

BA Hons Dip (M)

I’m a B2B marketing content writer passionate about translating complex ideas into compelling content. I work with tech and professional service companies to tell their stories and forge connections between people and ideas.

My background in business and marketing helps me to uncover the essence of a solution and to convey messages that resonate.

From the UK, I’ve also lived in France and New Zealand.  I’m used to working alongside  global teams and writing for different markets. I work with senior staff and have strong stakeholder management skills.

It’s a noisy world! I can help you find your voice so that your audiences are engaged and connected.

Satisfied Clients



Cups of Tea

Carrie works seamlessly as an extension of our business to not only deliver on projects but help shape them and add real value.

Samuel Chappel, Customer Marketing Manager @ Seequent

Having business acumen and the ability to understand technical detail meant Carrie could contextualise what she was writing about. She isn’t afraid to get stuck in, learn about new subjects and then write about them. 

Zebby Clemons,  @ Unleash & Engage

It has been a pleasure having Carrie on the project team where she played an instrumental role in gathering key information from external parties, managed the process from end to end and created some fantastic quality content as the output.

Vanessa Patane, Civil Segment Marketing Manager

@ Seequent

My Skills

Translates complex technical ideas

… into persuasive, compelling content. I’m used to working with complex and technical material and  uncovering the crux or essence of your solution.


I use storytelling to forge connections among people and between people and ideas. I’m adept at finding the angle and story hook. In my spare time I’m also a creative writer, so I’m always honing my skills. 

Manages stakeholders

I’m used to working collaboratively across global teams and managing different stakeholders in your organisation or your customer’s. I’m skilled at interviewing at senior and technical level and in developing lasting relationships with subject matter experts.

Editorial flair

I present ideas logically and concisely and can help you and your people develop their own unique style and  keep your message crystal clear.

  • Content Writing
  • Sales Enablement
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Copywriting

I’m a sucker for fine words. The World needs more of them. You can help.

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