Integrate your demand generation. Digital and offline, sales, marketing, inbound, outbound. Align behind a common goal for maximum impact.

When everything is integrated in a content strategy that is published and shared throughout your organisation you can make maximum impact to reach your goals.

How’s your content strategy looking?

If you don’t have a fully documented and published content strategy you’re not alone, The Content Marketing Institute found that only 43% of B2B marketers do The rest either don’t have a strategy at all or at best have only roughly outlined plans that aren’t known to the wider organisation.

It’s surprising isn’t it when you consider the cost of producing content and the value it delivers. Aside from being a wasted opportunity, the consequences of not having a strategy mean you could be missing out on some real opportunities to get momentum behind your brand or mean that you’re scrabbling to support marketing goals.

A content strategy describes how you produce content in a repeatable way for your audiences and personas so that the experience through the buyer journey and across digital channels is consistent. Preparing your strategy needn’t be too hard. With it you define workflows and unify content ops for efficient creation and distribution. You’re breaking down silos and bringing all different types of content together, from video and infographics to blogs, podcasts, landing pages and social media.

My blog Six steps to building a content strategy will help you get started.